How To Find Cheap Flights

When it comes down to the cost of traveling, airfare takes the first place as the most expensive part of any trip. Sometimes when you looking to book a flight and see the prices you can easily give up going anywhere. But it doesn’t have to be so. I will show you the steps to finding cheap flights.

Table of content:

  • 1 Be flexible
  • 2 Destinations
  • 3 Budget Airlines
  • 4 Direct flights
  • 5 Research
  • 6 Newsletters
  • 7 Search as one person
  • 8 Airports
  • 9 Social Media
  • 10 Fake location
  • Bonus tips


1. Be flexible
The first step of finding cheap flights is to be flexible with your travel dates and times. The prices of airline tickets dependĀ on the day of the week, the time of the flight, time of the year, holidays, and etc. So, people want to travel more in the summer or during the holidays, it’s normal the prices to be higher than. Be flexible and travel in the spring or after the holidays, you got the point, right?
Mid-week, early morning and late night flights are also cheaper because most of the people travel on the weekend, and no one wants to get up early or arrive late at night.

2. Destinations
If you just want to travel somewhere then be flexible with your destination. You can find a lot of great deals when you’re more open. If you want to travel to Japan for example, and you don’t want to consider going to any other destination than sorry, you will have to reconcile the price, no tricks, no magic can change that.
Be more open and flexible with your destination, there is always a great deals to some destinations, and to some of them don’t. Find what suits you the best.

3. Fly budget airlines
Budget airlines are great. You can find budget airlines everywhere, and they are getting more and more popular. The most budget airlines in Europe are WizzAir, Ryanair, and Easy Jet.
It’s awesome to flight from Sofia to Berlin in a round trip for 20 euros, isn’t it? šŸ˜‰
It’s necessary here to mention the cons of this budget airlines. You have to follow their rules if you don’t want to be hit with fees. They have strict limit for how much luggage you can take for free and etc. Be aware!

4. Direct flights
Except with the dates, times and destinations if you be flexible with the flights (direct or not) you can save a lot. Sometimes is cheaper to fly from Sydney to Singapore and then to Hong Kong, that fly directly from Sydney to Hong Kong (this is just an example, and I haven’t check if that is right). I just want to make a point here, and I hope you follow it.

5. Research

In order to find cheap flights make sure you search as many flight search websites as possible. It’s important to check more sites before you book, the prices vary, and you don’t want to miss the best deal for you.

Search engines that I recommend, and I see that all of the others travel experts use:
-Google flights

Check the other travel resources that I’m usingĀ here.

6. Newsletters
By joining mailing lists of airline companies and search engines you’ll be able to get updates whenever there are discounts or last minute offers. Many times these offers are available for a certain time, so you want to be the first one to know they are happening and take advantage of them.

7. Search as one person
If you’re not traveling solo, but travel with a friend or with your family, search ticket prices as one person. Don’t search or buy multiple tickets at once. Airlines always show their highest ticket prices when you look for a couple of tickets at the same time. In the checkout process you will pick your seats so you can sit together, if can’t, you are going to be with them at the final destination afterward and save up some money from the flight.

8. Airports
There are a lot of small airports you can take advantage off. Airlines often have lower fares for those smaller airports. Check the prices and take a look at the nearby airports. Usually, they are remote but you will end up paying a few dollars for a busĀ or train, it can save you a lot or it may not be worth it so research, research, research!

9. Social media
What? Finding cheap flights in social media, how come?
Take a look at Instagram for example, more and more airlines are taking advantage of social media to spread their promos to you. Follow them, join their newsletters to get the best offers up-to-date.

10. Fake location
Okay, that is something I haven’t try so far but I’m planning to. Basically, you change your location on the airline website to find cheaper prices. Because I’m still not familiar with this hack you can read more about it here.

Bonus tips:
Choose the line without kids. If there are a couple of security lines avoid the ones with kids, families move much slower. Get behind the business travelers, they fly frequently and move through the line faster.
Go left. According to studies most of the people are right-handed which means that subconsciously choose the right line. If there are several counters open, choose the left one.
Bring an empty water bottle. The price of the water at the airports is sometimes ridiculous, this is just water. Avoid overpaying for it and bring your empty water bottle, which you can fill after passing the inspection of hand luggage. Get yourself a filtered water bottle, it turns undrinkable tap water into drinkable water.


In conclusion, I would say that to find cheap flights you have to research and be flexible. Also, it’s important to know how much you are willing to pay. Don’t wait the last minute or book a lot of time in an advance. When you find the price that is suitable for you, book it right away, don’t wait for a better deal, it may not come.


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