How To Travel For Free

A lot of people think that to travel the world you need to be rich, win the lottery or something, but that’s not true. The tour companies, hotels, and media make you think like that. In reality, you can travel the world for cheap and even for free. In this post I’m going to share with you 11 ways to travel for free, and for some of them, you can even get paid.

So, let’s get to the fun part, shall we?


1. Couchsurfing
Couchsurfing is a hospitality service and social networking website with other words basically local people let you stay on their couch or sometimes even a private room for free. Yes, that’s absolutely true and absolutely awesome. I love Couchsurfing not just because it saves you a lot of money but you get the chance to stay at locals and get to know more the culture and the life from someone who lives there. Your host can even in most cases will show you around, share a lot of knowledge or cook a dinner for you. But you have to be grateful, you cook them a dinner, help with the cleaning, buy them a beer. A lot of people use it just for the free accommodation, but it’s a lot more than that. Be aware that there is also a hidden sex surfing part of it. Some people use it just to hook up. Choose your host wisely.

2. Hitchhiking
Well, everyone knows what hitchhiking is. There are more and more people travel this way, and more and more people open to take you. To get a ride universal sign is to stand on the in the direction that you want to go and thumbs up. When you decide to hitchhike safety is very important. If the driver gives you a bad vibe then just don’t accept the ride. For hitchhiking tips check Hitchwiki.

3. Camping
I loOOove camping outdoor, in nature. Camping is another way to save money on accommodation, the only thing you need is a tent, and a hammock, or sometimes just a hammock is fine. In some countries like Iceland and Norway camping is allowed everywhere which is absolutely great, right?


4. Volunteering
Although for some volunteering programs they want you to pay there are a lot which are free, the only things that you’ll need to pay may be the transportation. Volunteering you get free accommodation and free food. This is also a great way to meet other like-minded awesome people. This summer I was volunteering at Ambaritsa hut (Stara Planina, Bulgaria), I meet wonderful people with which I still keep in touch, and it was a great week spent in the mountain.


5. Work for accommodation
A lot of hostels all around the world will let you stay for free in exchange for some work. It can be cleaning, painting, or whatever. A lot of backpackers do this.

6. Workaway / WWOOF
Workaway Organizations, and people around the world looking for people to help them with different kind of tasks. Some are looking for people to help them with farming, some are looking for people to babysit their kids, it can be a lot of things. The basic arrangement is working a couple of hours a day, a couple of days a week in exchange for food and accommodation.
WWOOFWorld Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a database of organic farms owned by people who are willing to provide food and accommodation in exchange for volunteering work. It’s very popular way to travel for free.

7. Free attractions
Every city has free attractions. Do your research and visit these free attractions. A lot of national museums, libraries, monuments, and etc are free. A lot of museums and other monuments and attractions are free on certain days in the month, so if you do your research you can take advantage of that. Parks, some festivals, the options are huge.
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8. Walk
It’s free, it’s healthy, it’s interesting. Walking from one attraction to another you can find a lot of interesting hidden places on the way. Join a free walking tour, every big city has one. It’s free, but it would be nice to tip the guide.

Okay, but you say that there are some ways you can travel for free and even get paid? Yes, and let’s get to them.

9. Exchange your skills
You can make hairstyles, makeup or something else? Sell your skills as a service while on the road. Teach skiing, yoga, surfing, diving, it can be anything. You just need to market yourself.

10. Work on a boat or cruise ship
FREE TRAVEL, yey, and you even get paid for it. Working on a cruise ship you can save a good money, they are very well paid. Another plus is that you don’t have living expenses. You don’t pay for rent, food, car, etc which allows you to save for more traveling. But don’t just jump applying for a job on a cruise ship yet. You have to know that the work is hard and you work long hours.

11. Work in the travel industry
This is a great way to travel for free and get paid for it. Tour agent, tour guide, your working in the tourism industry, travel for free and get paid. There are other positions in the travel industry but you may travel you may not.

Bonus: Those are not the only options you got to travel for free. There is a wide range of jobs which let you travel the world and get paid for it. Some of them are: truck driver, flight attendant, photographer, event organizer, archeologist and much more. One of the most common ways to travel for free is teaching English abroad. The countries that pay the highest salaries are South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, China.

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So, are you going to travel the world for free?
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  1. Great list which includes both ways to save money as well as do everything for free. I always like the idea of working in a country or volunteering as it’s a great way to really get deep into the culture and experience it properly. As for hitchhiking and couchsurfing, both great ways to save money but as you said should be done with caution.

  2. Long list of suggestions…I bet there’s one to suit nearly everyone who wants to save on travel expenses (depending on how hard they’re willing to slog it out. I can add one more….daydreaming 🙂

  3. I also use travel hacking to build airmiles balances so I can fly business for less than economy. I make sure I put everything on credit cards so I can get tons of rewards as quickly as possible

  4. I’d like to do some volunteering. Do you know of any organisations where you can do this for free? Quite a few I know of still charge you to volunteer.

    1. I would recommend you to do some research depending on the place you want to go and volunteer. Maybe you can check some woofing opportunities.

  5. I have known some travellers who travelled to many countries with a little money. Also, nowadays there are many works can be done online, so if people like me don’t like travel for cheap or free they can work on their laptop and still travel 🙂

  6. Thanks for offering lot of various ways to travel for free. I think the best was the student times: then we used to travel for free and know no discomfort. And now? It has been some years since I have done camping. I just never think about it! Have to do it again.

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