How to Choose The Best Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is something most of the people don’t think they need. Actually, the Travel Insurance is very important part of planning your trip. To be honest I’ve also haven’t been using Travel Insurance a lot, but definitely, would change that in the future. It’s true that probably you won’t need it, but you never know what might happen so better to be safe than sorry.


In this article, we will be looking at the World Nomads Travel Insurance which has been proven as the best travel insurance out there trusted by Lonely Planet and many travel experts.

But first what is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is what will intend to cover your medical expenses if you got sick or get injured abroad, if for any reason your flight is canceled, in a case of flight accident, if your camera breaks or something yours been stolen and other losses that might happen on your trip.

How to choose Travel Insurance?

Before getting your travel insurance do a research to find out what’s covered and what’s not. A few things to have in mind when choosing the best travel insurance for you:

  • Define what coverage is important for your trip – What trip are you going to take? Are you going on a short or long-term trip? Do you plan to travel with expensive electronics? Do you planning to do any kinds of activities or sports, like skydiving, diving, skiing, trekking etc.? And so on. There are all kinds of travel insurances that is why you need to define what is important for your trip, so you could now what to looking for.
  • Know what your travel insurance doesn’t cover – After you define what coverage is important for your trip, you can now choose what your travel insurance may not include. Many travel insurances don’t cover extreme activities, injuries on the road, etc.
  • How much coverage you’re getting – It’s not worth it to get cheap travel insurance that won’t cover your injuries or what does it have to. The average amount to look for is $100, 000+ worth of coverage care.

There are of course others things to have in mind when purchasing your travel insurance, but those are the most important things to know before buying.

Now let’s get back to the World Nomads Travel Insurance


What World Nomads Travel Insurance Cover?

  • Medical help for sudden illness or injuries – Emergency overseas medical treatment in a hospital or clinic + medicines and physiotherapy as prescribed by your treating doctor.
  • Medical evacuation – Cover your transport to the nearest, appropriate medical facility + reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses for a family member or friend to accompany you while you’re in a hospital.
  • Trip cancellation
  • Stolen or damaged gear – Cover theft or accidental damage of your gear. Wish I was having an insurance like that when my camera got flooded, but mistakes are made to learn from them. Don’t make the same mistake as me.
  • 24 – hour assistance services

What doesn’t World Nomads Travel Insurance cover?

They don’t cover things that would probably happen because of stupidity. If alcohol is a factor you also won’t be covered and in a case of sexually transmitted diseases. Another thing that World Nomads travel insurance doesn’t cover is already existing medical conditions.

Why the World Nomads Travel Insurance is the best and why choosing them

Like I mention above World Nomads are trusted by Lonely Planet and many travel experts. They provide a lot of coverage of nearly everything that might go wrong at affordable prices. The World Nomads Travel Insurance is easy to use and you can extend your coverage while traveling (which is a BIG +). They provide 24/7 customer service. Another HUGE + for them is that they cover many adventure sports activities at no extra charge. Some of the activities that they cover are skydiving, trekking, hiking, caving, mountain biking, surfing, diving, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, etc.


Useful tips

-Take care of your belongings

-Be responsible

-Always take with you more money than you think you will spend

-Make copies of your documents

Don’t think that you are insured of bad things that might happen thinking ‘’oh, no, nothing is going to happen’’, because you can never be sure. Be wise and consider traveling with a travel insurance free of thoughts about things that could wrong. When you’re on the road your health and safety always have to be your number one priority!


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  1. I will try this in English as it doesn’t accept my comment in Bulgarian for some reason.
    First of all, I am happy that I found your blog, I thought I already knew all the Bulgarian travel bloggers.
    It was really interesting reading this post and I am bookmarking the company for future use. If I have to be honest, I am often skipping the insurance but lately I have been thinking how irresponsible that is.
    They do offer quite a few things especially covering so many sports.

  2. Depending on where you live, if you have a road side assistance plan (AAA in the US, ADAC in Germany, etc) they often strangely also have travel insurance in their premium plans as well, which is helpful if you are already paying an annual fee anyway, might as well have it double as travel insurance!

  3. When I get travel insurance, I also use World Nomads. It is a great insurance for extreme sports. I wonder if they insure theft or loss of electronics though.

  4. You make me consider changing my travel insurance! Thanks for the detailed explanation. Although I have continous travel insurance that even covers a day trip, it’s always good to explore other options. I had to use my insurance in the past sometimes so I never travel without!

  5. Travel insurance is very important when traveling, I totally agree with you. I once had to do an operation when I was traveling abroad and my travel insurance saved me tons of money.

  6. I have done a similar post some time back. I found that World Nomads are best only for the west. They don’t provide similar benefits for Asian travelers. I had to go with the local travel insurance which was has better than World Nomads.

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