Where to stay in Berlin city center

Where to Stay in Berlin City Center – Generator Hostel Mitte Review

Traveling to Berlin soon? Looking for a place where to stay in Berlin city center? You find the right place!

Generator Hostel in Berlin Mitte is the perfect choice for a place where to stay in Berlin city center.

The hostel has a perfect location, it’s arts-focused and vibrant.

Where to stay in Berlin city center
Photo: generatorhostels.com


The hostel is located in the heart of Berlin. Alexander Platz is in 15 minutes walking distance. The area is very nice and calm. There are numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes around. Right next to it is Oranienburger Strasse S-Bahn station, which is well connected with the other trains.  

The hostel is easily accessible from the Schönefeld and Tegel Airports.

From Schönefeld Airport take the S9 to Ostkreuz and then change for S5 or S7 to get off at Friedrichstraße station. From there is a 10-15 minutes walking distance or you can change once again to S2 (Oranienburger stress) or U6 (Oranienburger Tor). They are both a few steps away from the hostel. Another proof that it’s the perfect place for where to stay in Berlin city center.


During my stay in the Generator Hostel in Berlin Mitte, I’ve stayed in a female shared dorm. The room and the bathroom were clean. The beds are comfortable and the pillows are super fluffy. There is a locker space for each bed where you can keep your valuables. It would be useful to wear a padlock.

Where to stay in Berlin city center

If you’re looking for more privacy and little luxury you can get a private room.

Also, don’t worry if you forget something. You can get towels, shampoos, toiletries sets, etc from the reception.

Where to stay in Berlin city center
Photo: generatorhostels.com

The bar, café and breakfast room

The bar has a really nice atmosphere and interior. I like it very much although I’ve used it a couple of times for breakfast and didn’t really get the chance to visit it in the evening. But there were always many people spending their evenings there. I think the bar it’s very social and if you travel alone you can find many like-minded people there to have a beer with. 

Where to stay in Berlin city center

Where to stay in Berlin city center
Beer anyone?

As a coffee lover, I must say that they have a very good coffee. Because I was there during the ITB fair my mornings started with a coffee, muesli, and juice for a breakfast in the hurry. Of course, that is not everything that they offer. For breakfast, you can also take a croissant or a muffin, or order pancakes or scrambled eggs. They’ve also had sandwiches and salads. And if you want you can also order a lunch for on the go, which will include a sandwich, chocolate and a bottle of water.

Where to stay in Berlin city center
My everyday breakfast

The breakfast room area is very nice and stylish. I love the paintings on the wall, very creative and artsy. I’ve used the area many times for working, it’s quiet and comfortable for that matter. Maybe now is the time to mention that they also have a fast Wi-Fi, which of course is great, nowadays the good internet connection is a must.

Where to stay in Berlin city center
Photo: generatorhostels.com

The staff

Oh, the staff…

The Generator hostel Berlin Mitte team is awesome. They were all super kind and friendly and helpful. You know it’s not that much about the place but more about the people. The Generator Hostel Berlin Mitte team made my stay so nice.

Where to stay in Berlin city center
Welcoming 🙂

My flight from Berlin to Sofia was canceled so I’ve asked them for their support. I found another flight from Hamburg and decided to fly back home from there. And because they are a big hostel chain with locations in many European cities, they also have one in Hamburg. And because I was very satisfied with my stay with them in Berlin, I’ve wanted to stay again with them in Hamburg as well. I’ve ask them to call to Hamburg and book a bed for me, which they also did. Thank for this to Whitney (Berlin) and Janosh (Hamburg).

So, are you still wondering where to stay in Berlin city center? Wonder no more!

You can book your stay at Generator Hostel Berlin Mitte here, in Hostel World for the best prices guaranteed.

I would stay with them again anytime! 

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where to stay in berlin city center

where to stay in berlin city center


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  1. What an awesome-looking hostel! I’m all about hostel stays, some of them (like this one) can be really great AND cheap. When I’m spending most of my time exploring and not in my hotel room, I don’t see the point of booking an expensive room.

  2. Wow, this looks really really nice. I have had more than a few terrible hostel experiences, so all in all this looks way above and beyond! Berlin is definitely on my travel wish list for this year.

  3. This looks perfect, I am looking to visit Berlin very soon and I love the look of this hostel. Thanks for the informative post 🙂 I am going to pin as well so I remember!!

  4. What a fantastic looking hostel! The private rooms look great too. I love that hostels are starting to become more hip and art full then they used to be. Makes traveling on a budget much more appealing nowadays!

  5. Great looking place, nice to see they have a decent cider in the bar too, not that I would be drinking cider in Germany, that would be like going to Bordeaux and drinking orange juice. If I ever get to Berlin I’ll check out this post again for sure. Stashed in Berlin stuff!

  6. Looks like a great place! I have never stayed in a hostel, but maybe one day I will give it a try. I especially love the awesome staff!

  7. Looks like a great place to stay. Although we wouldn’t pick a hostel anymore as we are now travelling with our little family, the fact that they have private rooms, might change this, as it looks great! Been to Berlin before, and definitely will return some day as I love the city.

  8. Our friend stayed at this hostel as well and he had nothing but great things to say about it. He met so many cool people there that he was raving about it. He really liked the bar there. We’ve stayed in Mitte before and it is a great part of town for visiting Berlin so we would recommend the area as well.

  9. That is the most amazing hostel I have ever seen! When I travel with my husband, we normally like hostels because we want to spend all our money on awesome activities and not just a bed. That being said, we still go for a private room. This one looks great!

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