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More and more young girls and women’s travel alone. Often people think ”Is she crazy?” or something similar, but there is no doubt that solo traveling is an awesome experience. As a solo female traveler, you can become more independent, confident, to get to know yourself better.

But although all the benefits traveling alone is not for everyone. So first ask yourself:

Do you feel uncomfortable walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood?

Do you feel uncomfortable watching a movie alone?

Do you feel uncomfortable going to a restaurant alone?

Do you enjoy your own company?

Can you imagine traveling alone in general?

Do you think you can handle all the worries you might face?


If the answer to most of the questions is yes then keep on reading.

To travel alone you have to be able to have fun and meeting other people, but doesn’t mean being reckless. Finding the balance between enjoying your solo trip and staying safe is mandatory. These are a few safety tips to have in mind so you can make the most of your journey.

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1. Be firmIf anyone makes you feel uncomfortable at any time tell them to back off. You don’t need to be rude or aggressive, just state that you want to be alone or something.

2. Be confidentDon’t look vulnerable or unsure. Walk with your head up high.

3. Say no Don’t feel bad to say no. If you don’t feel like doing something or going somewhere off the beaten path, just don’t.

4. CatcallingHappens to every girl everywhere. Be prepared for it, act like you didn’t hear it and keep walking with confidence.

5. ResearchBefore you go on your trip, research everything about the place you are going to visit. This is very important because you don’t want to act or dress inappropriately. Culture is something about you always need to know before you go.

6. Local languageLearn some basics words and phrases, but most importantly learn how you can ask for help.

7. Dress like a local In some parts of the world, the way you dress can make you a target. Sometimes that means that you’ll have to cover your legs, shoulders or head because you don’t want to receive any unnecessary attention.

Oh, and forget about wearing expensive jewelry, no one except thieves will be impressed by them.

8. Blend inTry to look less touristy as possible, act like you know exactly what are you doing or where are you going.

9. Ask Don’t be ashamed to ask questions. When you arrive at your hostel/hotel ask for tips what to avoid.

10. Let someone know your travel plans Always keep inform someone about your plan. That might be a friend at home, family member or someone that works at your hotel/hostel. Try to let know your family that you are okay every day. Being active in social media also will show your loved ones that everything is fine.

11. Plan BAlways have plan B if your plan A doesn’t work out for some reason. This applies to accommodation, transportation, and especially money.

12. Make copies of your documents and keep them in different places.

13. MoneyAlways have extra bucks in you. When you are going out keep a few dollars in your pocket and the other part of the money in your bra or sock.

14. Travel insuranceTravel insurance is a must. I would say again that you’ll never know what might happen. Travel insurance protects you in a case of a medical emergency, theft, canceled flight. 

Get your Travel Insurance from World Nomads. 

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15. Make friendsMaking friends is the best way to see things you wouldn’t find on your own. You can meet a lot of awesome people both locals and fellow travelers at Couchsurfing.

16. Pack lightYou’ll be more mobile in case you have to move quicker. And it’s better to be able to carry your own luggage by yourself.

17. Keep your valuables hiddenThieves and pickpockets are everywhere, so only take your gadgets out when you using them.

18. Aim to arrive during the day And don’t walk around alone at night.

19. Self-defenseSign for self-defense course, it will be great to learn how you can defend yourself. Remember that when you travel alone the only person you can count on is yourself.

20. DrinkingIt’s totally fine to have a few drinks, but know your limits and consume mindfully. Be cautious who are you drinking with, and can you trust them.

21. LieIf you have to do it. You may wear a fake wedding ring, and don’t tell anyone that you are single. Make phone calls (even if they are fake) to say that you are almost there.

22. Do not attract unwanted attention

23. Sex Sex doesn’t have to be taboo. Even if you don’t think you’ll be sexually active it won’t hurt to be prepared.

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