10 Reasons to Visit Sofia

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Sofia is fast growing, multi-cultural and modern city. It has a rich history, amazing food scene, nice people and is budget friendly. The Bulgaria capital is a wonderful travel destination not to be missed.

To prove you that here are 10 reasons to visit Sofia on your next trip.

Easy Accessible

Flights from all European capitals are available. Low-cost air companies that offer flights to Sofia are Ryanair, EasyJey, and WizzAir. You can find awesome deals such as Sofia/Milan for 5euro or Sofia/Berlin for 7euro and much more.

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Sofia Central Bus Station is in the north part of the city center within a walking distance to the central attractions. Buses operate from/to many other European cities such as Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, etc.

Right next to the Central Bus Station is the Central Railway Station. International trains arrive in Sofia from Vienna, Belgrade, Bucharest, Kiev, Moscow, etc.


Extremely Affordable

Accommodation – cheap, transportation – cheap, food – cheap. Sofia is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe. The local currency is lev: 1 euro is equal 2 leva. The prices for accommodation starts from 8 euros at shared rooms in hostels, the buses and subway tickets costs 1.60 leva (0.80 euro) for a single ride. A lot of things you can do free of charge, like relaxing in one of the many..

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Green areas

Sofia has a lot of parks, which are a favorite place for the locals to gather. They are the favorite place for both young and old people for walks, sports activities, beer (or why not wine) meetings, etc. The biggest park in Sofia is Borisova garden which is in the center of the city. Other big and popular parks are South Park, Park Crystal, the park in front of the National Theatre. There are often meetings in this parks between locals and travelers.


The people

Ask anyone who’s been to Sofia or Bulgaria in general. I think everyone would agree that Bulgarians are extremely friendly people. Especially the people from Sofia are very open minded. Bulgarians are wonderful hosts so they will do their best to give you an awesome experience.

Ohh, and Bulgarian women are more than once ranked as one of the most beautiful in the world. (just saying)

Rich history

Did you know that Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe? That’s right, the Bulgarian history dates back to the 7th century. To get to know more about the great history of Bulgaria find a local guide/friend to tell you about it or visit The National Museum of History. Is one of the largest museums on the Balkans and contains more than 650, 000 exhibits. The museum aims to provide a comprehensive view on Bulgarian history from the prehistory to present.


Street Art

The street art in Sofia is awesome. Electricity boxes all over the city are covered in beautiful, interesting and sometimes funny paintings. You can also see nice quotes along with random scribbles.

Often people use the art to attract attention in protest.

Also, there is an awesome FREE Graffiti tour in Sofia. (check all of the free tours in Sofia)

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Delicious food

The Bulgarian dishes are amazing. Restaurants and snack bars are all over Sofia. In the bakeries, you can find traditional Bulgarian food such as banitsa and other pastries. There are a lot of restaurant in the city offering traditional meals, but I will tell you a secret, recently I found the best one. The place is called Do-Re-Mi.  It’s located at Neofit Rilski str. 73 Next to Halbite (another restaurant). If you want to enjoy traditional insanely delicious Bulgarian food then this is the right place.


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Vitosha Mountain

Sofia is the European capital which is most close to a mountain. Vitosha is just 30min away from the city center. It’s the perfect getaway from the noisy town. You can climb to Vitosha highest peak – Cherni vrah or enjoy one of the wonderful views of the city. Vitosha is one of the locals favorite places to spend their free time. (mine personally)


Night Life

Sofia has a wild nightlife. In Sofia, you can party until the morning and you have varieties of bar and clubs to choose from. There are places for every music taste from house clubs, rock bars, piano bars, jazz clubs, hip-hop clubs, etc. Typical for the country are chalgoteka and ‘’horoteka’’. Chalgoteka is a club where the music is typical for the region and very common. “Horoteka’’ is a restaurant with live music, where you can watch and learn traditional Bulgarian folk dances. Wine and Rakia are the most popular alcoholic beverages in the country, but in the bars and clubs, people mostly drink beer and whiskey, oh yeah, and tequila and shots. Some nice bars and clubs are Switch, Swing, Roderick, Terminal1, Hambara, and others.

The Vibe

As a fast-growing, multi-cultural and modern city, Sofia has a vibrant life. Walking around the city one can hear many different languages. The streets, restaurants, bars, and cafes are crowded with people, in the good weather parks also. Bulgarians love going out for fun and have a good time.

Things to see & do:

-Sofia has a lot of churches (Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Hagia Sophia church, St. Nedelya church, St. Sofia church, St. George church, Boyana church, The Russian church, St. Petka church)


-Sofia Synagogue

-Banya Bashi Mosque

-Serdica Amphitheatre

-Vasil Levski Monument

-The Monument of the Unknown Soldier

-Battenberg Square

-Slaveikov Square


-Sofia University

-Sofia Library

-Lover’s Bridge

-National Palace of Culture

-National Theatre

 -Eagle’s Bridge

-Lion’s Bridge

-National Assembly

-Palace of Justice

-Sofia Public Mineral Baths

-Sofia also has a lot of museums (National Museum of Military History, Earth and Man National Museum, National Museum of History, The Museum of Socialist Art, and much more)

-Explore Vitosha Mountain

-Experience the nightlife

-Taste the traditional cuisines

-Make local friends

-Drink a beer in one of the parks …


In a conclusion, I would say that Sofia and Bulgaria, in general, must be on your travel list. And if you ask me when is the right time to visit Sofia I would say ASAP.

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